Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide 24 hour access?
Yes, even on holidays! Once you rent storage from us, you will be given a code which will allow you 24-hour/365 day access to your items.

Are the storage agreements month-to-month?

Do you provide a lock for the storage unit?
Yes, we provide each of our customers their own lock. The locks we provide are higher quality and more secure than the average lock you might find at a hardware store.
Tennants are allowed to use 1 padlock in addition to or instead of their own, but the provided key must be picked up prior to move in for entry to the unit.

What types of payment do you accept?
At this time, we only accept payment via credit or debit cards. For your convenience, we will set you up for monthly auto-pay at the time of your rental.

Do you provide electricity to the units?
No. Do not store items that require electricity.

Is the property secure?
Yes, our property is very secure. The facility completely fenced and gated. It is well-lit throughout, and we provide 24-hour video surveillance.

How do I know what size of storage unit I need?
Please see the “Size Guide” that we’ve provided to determine which size storage unit best suits your needs.

What items are items or activities prohibited from Blue Bay Storage?
The following items are not allowed in our storage facility:
Food or perishable goods are not allowed. This includes bird seed and animal feed. Some exceptions may be allowed for well-packaged items for commercial use.
  • Explosives
  • Flammable items
  • Ammunition
  • Animals or livestock
  • Stolen or illegal merchandise
  • Hazardous Materials. This includes hazardous and/or toxic chemicals, gas, liquid, material or waste. Destructive and/or Disruptive activities such as spray painting, woodworking, etc.
  • Any items that require electricity such as freezers, refrigerators, heaters, air conditioning etc. In other words, don’t plan on plugging an appliance in because electricity is not provided.
  • Human Habitation. Come on, really? We need to explain this. Absolutely, no living in our storage units.
What do I need to rent a storage unit?
To rent a unit from Blue Bay Storage, you must provide: A valid driver’s license or other valid ID A credit or debit card for first month’s payment.

When are payments due?
Payments are due on the anniversary of your move-in date each month. If your move in date was the 11th of the month, each month, your payment is due by the 11th.
*New move-ins do not owe anything their 2nd month with us. We offer 2nd month free!

Can I store my RV or boat at Blue Bay Storage?
Yes, as long as parking areas are available! We have 12x30 foot spaces and 15x60 foot spaces, perfect for boats, RVs and more. Parkiing is within our secured storage facility fencing and spaces are clearly marked for tennant convenience. Please call our office for availability and reservations!

How do I pack my storage unit?
Here are some practical tips for storing items in your storage unit. Bag, box or cover as much of the items as you can. Cover furniture with drop clothes or sheets if possible. Seal your boxes or bags with masking tape. For clothes, you definitely want to store them in bags, boxes or clothing bags if possible. Be sure to defrost your refrigerator or freezer before storing and leave the doors of these appliances open. Wrap mattresses and box springs with plastic covers and use drop clothes to cover.

Do you have temperature controlled units?
Yes. We have temperature controlled (climate controlled) storage units. You can find our climate controlled storage units in our available units section.

Where is your office located?
Our office is located in the Blue Bay South office building located on the property behind and adjacent to Blue Bay Storage. Our entrance to the office building is located on Scheele Drive, the street behind the storage facilities. Our office hours are 8am – 2pm Monday thru Friday excluding holidays.

What are your office hours?
Our office hours are Monday - Wednesday & Friday: 8am - 2pm, Thursday 11am - 5pm. We strive to keep our Google Business Page updated to relfect holidays, vacations, and additional days/times that we will not be in the office.

Do you offer auto-payment options?
Yes, we offer auto-pay! If you choose auto-pay, payment automatically comes out each month to save you time.